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We make your business a diversity, equity and inclusion champion.

House of Inclusion is a leading diversity and inclusion consultancy agency from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, specialised in creating workshops, keynotes, strategy sessions and consultancy projects. We work with companies of all sizes and have a track record across all industries. Start making your company future proof today.

Go woke or go broke

Join the DE&I movement

An effective DE&I policy can increase your revenue up to 33%.

of companies in Europe focus on diversity, equity and inclusion. 

by offering DE&I keynotes, workshops, strategy sessions and consultancy to make your company future proof. 

A no brainer.

But as little as 22%

We help

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Our mission

To make every company a DE&I champion. 

About House of Inclusion

Danielle Jiskoot and Sacha Martina

Both second time founders, Danielle and Sacha have experience in both recruitment and the creative industry. Together they have over 10+ years experience in DE&I, helped over 50+ companies on their DE&I policies and spoke for 100+ companies on the topic. 

Also, they're both really into Reality TV. 

Working with Sacha and Dani is an absolute joy. They have been so insightful and creative with our objections to promote DE&I within our workplace. They have helped me raise awareness and directed our creative flow to host and manage some really successful events this year. House of Inclusion have mastered attendance and engagement from our associates and for this I will be forever grateful. I am so excited to create, grow and embark on our next projects together. I love working with both Dani and Sacha and could not recommend them both enough. Contact HOI today and get your creative juices flowing. You will not regret it!

Charlie Brookes, Talent Acquisition Manager EMEA

Alexander Bulten, Senior Community Manager

Sacha and Danielle are super intelligent, involved, and form a dynamic duo who adjust their trainings exactly to the wished and needs of a company.

As soon as you start working with them, you notice: they know exactly what they're doing. 10/10. 

What they say about us

What we offer

The Starter: Customizable DE&I Starter Kit
Ideal for companies just beginning their DE&I journey, offering foundational workshops and consultancy. Tailored to companies new to DE&I, knowledge building, and strategic consultancy for next steps.
2 workshops (e.g., Introduction to DE&I and Unconscious Bias), 10 hours of consultancy.

The Maverick: Quarterly Workshop Series
Continue your DE&I journey with a workshop every quarter.
4 workshops (one per quarter) - choose from a list of topics provided or create custom options
with team House of Inclusion.

The Champion: Comprehensive DE&I Yearly Package
A holistic DE&I package that includes workshops, keynotes, and consultancy.
2 keynotes, 4 workshops (quarterly), and 20 hours of consultancy spread over the year.


Or choose a customizable combination of our offers, such as:

Curious to learn more? Get in touch!

Strategy sessions




1 hour inspiring sessions

3/4 hour interactive team sessions

One day strategy sessions with stakeholders

Custom consultancy projects

Ready to become a DE&I CHAMPION?

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